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Plans & Pricing

We offer three types of services - project based for getting you fully set up in Israel, assistance for a single service or ongoing monthly subscription. Pick the plan that best suits you and your family!

Interior Design
From $100

Single Service

A single service cost to help you in Israel. The price is based on one service, starting at $100. Examples include

  • Filling out Hebrew application forms

  • Utility or Internet purchases, installation or maintenance work

  • Booking appointments

  • Paying bills e.g. arnona, water, electricity

Image by Corinne Kutz
$300 Monthly


Ongoing assistance for a full month for seamless and stress-free living in Israel. Up to 4 services which can include but not limited to: 

  • Banking appointments and App support 

  • Medical appointment scheduling

  • Filling out Hebrew application forms

  • Management and coordination of housing repairs and services

  • Setting up and paying bills e.g. arnona, water, electricity

  • General Trouble-shooting

Image by Andrea Davis
From $950

The Aliyah Package

​We have created a complete package for those arriving in Israel. It includes the following:

  • Finding Temporary Accommodation

  • Mobile Phone and Internet set-up

  • Airport pick-up with Groceries & Essentials

  • One (1) Month Digital Assistance after your arrival. 

A custom package can be created to fit your specific needs and include other listed services.


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